Bronze statues


The Whitlycke wedding bronze Height 180 cm weight 260 kg 9700 Euro

 Fossum Girl

The Fossumgirl with bronze-lur Height 250 cm weight 260 kg 11.000 Euro


The Kalleby bronze-blower Height 260 cm weight 270 kg 10.500 Euro

The Sun-man Height 210 cm Weight 320 kg 12000 Euro

The flying twain Height 340 cm weight 280 kg 13.000 Euro

Whitlycke wedding bronze

The small Whitlycke wedding bronze Height 27 cm weight 1.8 kg 300 Euro

The fossum girl

The Fossum-girl ring metal Height 109 cm weight 6.3 kg 1200 Euro

The Whitlycke ring metal Height 97 cm Weight 6.4 kg 1200 Euro

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