Since 1972 Europe has bred less than 2.1 children per woman. In Japan since 1975.
The more education the fewer children.
This is the reason why highly developped cultures die. This is not the first time
The Roman Empire, The Etrucsian culture, Abbasid Khalifat etc all sucumbed due
to egoism.
Usually it is a strong religion that takes care of the number of children born in a society and keeps the egoism within borders. ”Modern” societies usually remove the religion and than the population begins to fall.

The only ” modern societies that have been able to maintain a birth rate of 2.1 and abovi
is USA, Israel, Iceland, Luxembourg and the Faroe Islands. ( Iceland has now fallen below due to short term thinking politicians and is also doomed)
In USA there is a system how to deduct costs for your children in your income declaration.
Australia has a similar system. The system we propose is based on these ideas.

1.Each employer receives a deduction in the taxes they pay to the government for each person that has 3 children or more. The more children an employee has the more deduction the employer receives.
2. The employer receives an additional deduction if he/she emloys a woman. Say an extra 5-10%
3. All the administration will be taken care by the companies when they send in the income declaration. All checks will be done by the local tax authorities.
4. The system has to be valid and unchanged for at least 25 years so no short term thinking politician would like to change the conditions. Only when there is a long term advantage
people will adapt. If the short-term-thinking politicians will change the conditions this will not work.

– One of the most important things with this system is to make it possible for women to compete
on the labor market long-term!
With this system the employer wants to employ women with children because they knowthat
it is more profitable to employ persons with children than without.

– Only those whose companies pay taxes will get benefits. If you don t pay taxes no gain.

– Only those who work will gain.

– Only those who follows the laws will gain.

– Low administration cost

– Women will fianlly be able to compete with teh men on a long term basis.

– Children will help the parents in their career.

– All larger reforms in the Western countries have involved the companies.