2.1 children per woman


The world birth-rate is plummeting. From 6.2 children  the year 1972 to 2.4 children per woman today.  No society can survive a long term decline of the birth-rate. If the birth rate is too low  like it has  been in Europe  since  1972  and  in Japan since 1975 big problems will come.

The economy will fade away. Each declining country will have large internal problems. The wealth will be spoiled. Today ´s politicians will not be able to cope with the problems because  they cannot think an plan 25 years  ahead. Short-sighted power men like politicians, editor-in-chiefs, powerful NGOs  will block all attempts to change by using egoism. This is the typical downward spiral that we now see in Europe, Japan and some other countries.

In order to increase the birth rates it will be necessary to change the way plan their long term careers. This can be done and has been done in the US and in Australia.

One of the basic problems is that  the more  years of education you have the fewer  children you have. Education is the overwhelming factor that influences the birth-rate. Many Empires have Disappeared due to education and egoism. Egoism usually follows intensive education.

Knowledge without knowledge is not realistic way to govern the earth.

Some examples of defunct empires are; the Etruscians,  the Roman Empire and the Abbasid khalifate.

The future of the planet earth is depending if we can keep the knowledge. If education does not pay off, this world is doomed to die.

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