A museum for the development of the world language.  The language that practically the whole world  uses today and will use in the future. This museum will write, depict, the history of the English language. The museum should be interactive. The viewer has to press buttons. Write on screens,  paint,  touch and  through things,


The Museum will contain ;

Indo-european roots

Big map of the roots ways.

Proto-germanic roots

Big map of the different ways of the roots.

DNA-derived  development 

The way out of Africa  and through the Caucasian mountains

Word roots

Both sex words and ordinary words.


The amount of words in the English language. Speed of increase. Number of English speakers in each country.

Hall of Wordbooks. 

Merriam-Webster, Cassell´s, Collins, Longman, Bosworth-Toller etc  the big companies will have a paid place.


Viewers will have the possibility to write their words  and stories to be put up on the net.

Possibility to write in their personal webpage or homepage to create a back-link to the site of the museum.

A booth to make “Short Youtube comments”



If you are interested to take part or you may find a Giver that is will finance the

Building  of the Museum pls contact us here. Or call  Rikard at +46762 333 222.

If you find a Giver that makes this come true, you´ll get 15% in a finders fee of the paid in sum.

The Giver will take  part in the design of the museum, if wanted.



Any suggestion could be of interest if the placement will give enough of viewers.

Could  be along  a highly trafficated high-way. If a local administration is interested

the parking possibilities  and way in  should be viewed. Should be on a mountain or hill to be viewed from far away.