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   This website contains the list of European politicians that are responsible for the fall of the west and the war that might come. This site argues that the Western politicians are not capable to handle long term questions concerning pensions, rearing of new generations, keeping up steady markets, and others that guarantee good healthcare, a peaceful society, freedom of the Press, safety for your children and access to a free internet for example.

     These politicians think only three to five years ahead (according to their election cycles). They are named here because they personally bear the long term responsibility for the security of the world as we know it whether they choose to recognize this fact or not.

     It is also important to address the departments of Editors-in-chief with these questions vital to the security of future generations. On this site you will find both e-mail and postal addresses for departments of the Editors-in-chief which may be able to help bring this issue to the forefront of social discussions.

     Write to them, and address the issues presented here. This action will guarantee that we can get them to at least begin talking about it, and we can examine how our actions today will affect the world order in the next half-century.

     You will also find on this site a short version of the book "Old Europe Shame On You!", which gives a glimpse into the heart of the information our organization is attempting to disseminate.

Jacki      Jacquelyn Henderson is the official spokesperson of the Democratic Demographic Institute and the book "Old Europe Shame on You!"
     Jacquelyn has spent much of her adult life exploring Eastern Europe and Russia, and is currently finishing her Masters program in Russian Area Studies and Comparative and International Affairs at Indiana University.

  MichaelMikhail Khomin graduated from St. Petersburg State University, specializing in political science. His scientific interests include modern democracy, public participation, economics, and demography. He is a candidate for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree.

Ricard    Rikard Högberg is the Managing Director of the daily business
newspaper Delovoy Peterburg , in St. Petersburg, Russia, and
also authored "Old Europe Shame on You!"
     Mr. Högberg has also written three other books: "How to Do Business in the New Russia," "Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon Traditions," and "Love ." The father of five children, Rikard believes that higher birth rates are essential to the future of Europe.

  Old Europe Shame On You   This book was written to draw attention to those responsible for the catastrophe that is to come within the next 20-30 years.
    We specifically address the Politicians because they "run" the agenda for political life in Europe and because they bear the long term responsibility. They have their 4 years and then they concentrate on the next election cycle, taking no time to think long term.

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