The Book - Old Europe Shame On You



by: Rikard Högberg

   Dear reader.

   This book is written to catch the attention of those responsible for the catastrophe that is to come within 20-30 years.

   We have targeted and listed about 1500 politicians at the site: www.oldeuropeshameonyou.com.

   We address politicians because they "run" the agenda for political life in the Europe and in the long run you, dear Politicians, bear the long term responsibility. You tend to think only in terms of election cycles. You operate in terms of the next 3-5 years and then concentrate on next election cycle with no possibility to think long term. The democratic system is not able to cope with long term problems.

   You bear the responsibility for:
  • The End of the free Press
  • The demolition of the democracy
  • Repression of minority groups, harassment of homosexuals, handicapped, smaller religious groups.
  • The possible world war
   www.oldeuropeshameonyou.com is a site with names of countries and papers or the media which represent them and many prominent politicians.

   The politicians are counted by country.

   We do this because the politicians are no hope!

   Citizens and media are the only hope, the last straw!

   Have you ever tried to talk with a politician what is to come within 20 years? Forget it. Their horizon is the next election and that is it. Yes perhaps one or two are smart enough to see what will happen but they get smashed and dragged through the dirt by the short-sighted ego focused politicians that easily, out-maneuver these "farsighters". This is one of the reasons why democracies and "high" cultures decline.

   Therefore there is an urgent need to reform western democracies. Not tomorrow. Now! Politicians have got to at least be responsible for one generation ahead, to warrant their pensions, e.g.

   Leaders of the free Press have to axle the responsibility to safeguard Western democracy in Old Europe and ensure freedom of press. And this freedom is directly connected to an increase in the population of Old Europe. The increase has to be of people that bear and worship democratic values.

   There is no other solution except for a technical solution that we have not seen yet and therefore cannot calculate. But it will come.

   There is so much at stake in the future if we don't dramatically increase the western population bearing democratic values, and you have the power to do this. You have to pinpoint the increasing egocentricity selfishness, and complacency that we are now living with and in.

   You have to start by putting the subject on the agenda not be afraid to discuss it. Remember that it is the future of our children in your hands. What we do now determines what is in store for future generations: for homosexuals, for the handicapped, for women, for minorities.

   History tells us that all critics will be silenced in the future when the dark ages of "bondage" come (See graph of Prof. Alexander Tylor).

   There are stockpiles of investigations in the EU showing the urgent need to increase the western population but little has really changed. All these reports are written in a bureaucratic language that non-bureaucrats can't understand! You have to transform this knowledge to educate communities on what to do!

   We must fight egoism, or else it will crush us all together. We have to fight self-satisfaction and force people to look ahead. People must be made to understand that if they don't have children, there will not be a democratic future, and war will come and they will succumb. Having children and raising them is a heavy burden, but without this laborious work the fate of our lives will be disastrous. We will all suffer tremendously if the birth rates in Old Europe are not increased radically within ten years.

   We address you in this way i.e. sending you a book about the historical development for democracies and high cultures. This is also a site that will be updated with the latest news.

   This means that there is no possibility to later say:
- Oh, I did not know!
   You are informed and you have to bear the responsibility!

   You have to act! You have to engage people! They are listening to you! You are the key players in this development! You have to stand up! You have to fight the egoism that will crush us all if we don't act now! You have to seek out measures to pursue peaceful development!

   The western population, especially in Old Europe, has become egoistic, and ultimately lazy.

   A Westerner tends to avoid anything that could hamper personal freedom, or "the good life".

   There is no responsibility for coming generations. First of all you think of yourself!
- Oh, will Al-quida take over the nuclear weapons in Russia within 48 years?
- Well, by then I will be dead and buried !!!
   Yes, there are a lot of people that work a lot in the west. But they do it to pursue their own career and to be seen!

   This of course hampers the Western nations. This is what we call the "work castration". You work so much that you don't have time for sex nor children!

   You work yourself to your cultural death!

   The modern western person is doing whatever to optimize the personal success not even thinking of what consequences it will have for the future!

   This selfishness will of course be deemed and punished by the historical development and in a society of information this will go faster than we would like to know.

   The western people are spoiled. We in Old Europe have never, ever had so much.

   Money, tools, gadgets, toys, TV, Radio, vacuum cleaners etc.

   But the European people although strive for more and more of materialistic things.

   Many of the tools we use are invented due to the lack of people. For the western person it is better to be the total master of a dead thing, e.g. microwave that having to have a relationship with a person that cooks.

   The European person is nerding her/his own egoistic thoughts by herself/himself, not being disrupted by any external problems.

   The birth gap between Old Europe and the US also explains the Widening gap between the United States and the aging Europe.

   The US is still vital with its internal birthrate of 2,1 but Europe is trodding the dangerous egocentric path of selfishness. The differences in birthrates is the long term cleavage that will divide the US from the Old Europe and will lead to continuos economic and political turmoil that will step by step slam the former good relationship. This book and its connecting site also takes side. We clearly point out: Europe is the one to blame. Europe is sagging like a spoiled aristocrat. European laziness, i.e. not giving birth to future generation caused by a sweet life in the hammock or by work castrating itself by career frenzy has tried to solve the problem by importing labour without knowledge how to do it.

   Result, falling economical output, increased violence, corruption, riots, plunder hatred, "so called honorary" killing of daughters" (sic). Many cultures have faded away, but this is the first time when it is possible to pinpoint who to blame. All these persons listed on the site are personally responsible for the decline of Europe repent and change your life style it is still not to late!

   If we look back in history there are plenty of examples when nations or societies fall to pieces. Jim Nelson Black sees the red thread through history in his book "When Nations die". He compares the destruction of Carthage, the rise and fall of the Greek city-states, the fall of the Rome the crush of Constantinople, the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, the fading away of the Kingdoms of France and Spain. He sags, to us it is only history but the parallels are ominous and that our biggest fault is not to learn from history TRUE. What happened to these above mention cultures and all democracies before will happen to the EU and Japan.

   The only difference is that this time we name those who had the power but did not do anything. For the first time there will be a document or many to pinpoint personally who is to blame. But of course there is a solution: Breed!

   We have en listed mostly Editor-in-chiefs and politicians in Europe, Japan but also those Americans living in a State where the birthrate is under 2,1.

1. You are responsible for the fall of the Western democracy in Old Europe
2. The Western ego-thinking
3. The Western egocentricity
4. Educated people have less children
5. Historical view on why democracies have failed
        Older democracies
        Newer democracies
6. Cyclic behaviour in human life leads to chaos
7. What is chaos + graphs
8. Macroeconomic approach
9. What will happen
10. Economic effects:
        Stock market
        Real estate market
        Consumer products
        Pension system
        Health system
11. Future repression of minority groups in Old Europe?
12. Third world war in Old Europe?
13. The innovation factor
14. If the biggest knowledge leap in history.
15. Remember: YOU are responsible!

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