The Book - Old Europe Shame On You



Below are the names of individuals who have provided feedback to the ideas our organization puts forth. Click on any name to read a response.

The Prime Minister of Belgium
Mr. Guy Verhofstad
The Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Mr. Indulis Emsis
Member of the European parliament
Chairperson of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Equal Opportunities
Mrs. Anna Karamanou
Minister for Special Assignments for Children and family Affairs Mr. A. Baštiks
Minister of Children and Family
Social Ministry of Sweden
Mrs. Berit Andnor

President of Portugal (1986-1996), Member of the European Parliament Mr. Mário Soares

Governor of West Virginia (USA)

Bob Wise
St.Petersburg Government,
The Committee of Economical development,
industrial policy and trade
Mr. V.V. Blank
Member of the European Parliament
Vice-president of the UEN- GROUP
Mr. Morgens N. J. Camre
Social Department of Ministry of Health
and Social Affairs
Mr. Magnus Sjöström
Member of the European Parliament Mr. Diemut R. Theato
Member of the European Parliament Mr. John Purvis
Member of the European Parliament Mr. Jo Leinen
Ministry of Science, Research and Art, Stuttgart, Germany Dr. Peter Frankenberg
Member of Parliament, Czech Republic Ing. Josef Hojdar
Potsdam, Germany Mrs. Sabine Reh

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