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Cultural Survival
Western culture excluded.

Slow Death in the Great Plains
"A sizable swathe of the country's heartland is undergoing a severe drop in births that, if it continues, could empty many small towns in just one generation." [Atlantic Monthly] (July 1, 1997)

The Population Surprise
The old assumptions about world population trends need to be rethought. One thing is clear, in the next century the world is in for some rapid downsizing [Atlantic Monthly]

PBS: The Grandchild Gap
If Italys fertility will remain at the same level for thirty to forty years, the Italian population will be reduced by one-third.

Failure to Control Borders Causes 'Death of the West'
"WASHINGTON "In America, the places prepared for the forty million unborn lost since Roe v. Wade have been filled by the grateful poor of Asia, Africa, and Latin America."

Eastern European population to plummet
Population levels in former communist countries are diving because of economic decline, the UN says. [BBC News]

The Demographic Bomb
Two interrelated mysteries: Why do so many Arab Muslims think Western civilization is about to collapse? And how could so many well-educated hijackers live among us for so long and not be seduced by our cherished American way of life?

Buchanan declares: Death of the West
"First World nations, including Japan,... have begun slowly to vanish from the earth." [Drudge Report]

Testimony : House Ways and Means Committee
"Already, Japanese demo-graphers are publicly speculating about which year in the Third Millen-nium the last Japanese baby will be born."

'Death of the West': Where Have All the Children Gone?
"By 2050, it is calculated that the United States will have the dubious honor of being the first Western nation to turn its dominant culture into a minority. Bill Clinton has hailed this as a good thing." [NewsMax]

Buchanan: Western Civilization Is on the Way Out
"Western civilization is committing suicide. But you are not supposed to realize it. Not until its too late to do something to reverse the tide." [NewsMax]

Burying The Big Population Story
"And here's the overwhelming demographic story of our time: Never have birth and fertility rates fallen so far, so fast, so low, for so long, all over the world, yielding populations in decline. That story was buried by the noise of "the population explosion," a powerful trend that peaked decades ago, but which is still promoted by environmental alarmists and their allies in the United Nations." [Jewish World Review]

How the West was lost
Discussion with Pat Buchanan on "Death of the West". [WorldNetDaily]

Russia struggles with population crisis
Russia faces a demographic crisis unprecedented in peacetime - violence, alcohol and poor healthcare are among the reasons. [BBC News]

Scotland suffers baby blues
A low sperm count among men and career-minded women have helped contribute to Scotland's lowest recorded new born baby rates. [BBC News]

As the World Turns
"The remarkable particulars of today's global march toward smaller family size fly in the face of many prevailing assumptions about when rapid fertility decline can, and cannot, occur."[Australia News Weekly]

The myth of over-population
"The Japanese island of Oshima is giving us an inkling of what the future may be like. Children are so rare that an old people's home set up dummies of a little boy ... Many schools are empty as there are so few children. As people die, houses are abandoned. Twenty years ago, one village had 500 people; now there are 230; in another twenty years there might be none. ... According to the reporter, "what has happened here will also happen, to one degree or another, throughout Japan - and in many other developed countries."

Russian population in steep decline
Disease, drug abuse, poverty and depression cause a sharp fall in Russia's population.[BBC News]

Resurrection of the West
Discussion of the ramification of the book "Death of the West" [NewsMax]

Russia's Demographic Decline Grows
``I want all the best for my baby,'' she said. ``Times are always tough. That's not enough of a reason not to have children.''

How do we tackle Europe's population problem?
BBC Talking point on the subject. Quotes a russian as saying "So, what is there to do? Nothing - we just have to accept that our civilisation is going to die out "

Falling fertility debate reignited
"One issue most of the main players in the debate can agree on is the decline in Australian - and Western - fertility rates. There is agreement not only that the decline exists, but that it represents a major problem in need of urgent correction." [News Weekly Australia]

Scotland's population set to fall
New figures predict that Scotland's population will drop over the next 25 years. [BBC News]

Baby bonus signals sea-change in family policy
"A funny thing happened along the way to the Federal Election - commentators began to wake up to what is arguably the most pressing social and economic problem facing Australia. When John Howard announced his innovative, though modest, incentive for mothers to stay home with their first-born baby - and virtually no one slated him for "wanting to keep women in the home" - it marked a possible turning point in the debate on family policy." [Australia News Weekly]

Experts wrangle over birth dearth
"In fact, no major industrialized country has a fertility rate above 2.1, known as the replacement rate because it is the number of children per woman at which a population replaces itself. The average fertility rate in Europe is 1.45, a rate that could lead, one day, to a severe decline in population. And 22 developing countries have also dropped below this threshold." [MSNBC]

Japan's population decline to be faster than expected
"Japan's population, under pressure from a low birth-rate and a rapidly ageing society, may start to decline sooner than expected." [Reuters]

Low Fertility Not Politically Sustainable
While for many countries concerns about high birth rates persist, for many other countries the problem now is very low rates of birth. [Population Today]

Gloom and doom
"If Tony Blair has anything to do with it, there wont always be an England" [The Spectator]

Russia's Modest Migration Gains Unlikely to Stop Population Decline
Discusses some of the issues surrounding the population fall in Russia. [Population Today] (May 1, 2001)

Demography research laboratory
Database established by Professor John Wilmoth of morality data for nation populations including: Austria, England and Wales, France, Japan, Sweden, and the United States
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